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C’Josette was born in Macon, Georgia and is the youngest of three siblings. She grew up in a military family and experienced traveling all over the world.  C’Josette also served in the military and had the pleasure of continuing her journey to touch ground on many soils. While stationed at Fort Hood, Texas one of her biggest accomplishments was being elected Vice Mayor and becoming Mayor. 

While living in Texas she also pursued one of her passions by going to school for Radio and Television Broadcasting. Moving back to her home state allowed her to assist her parents with their successful family business; a home health company whose focus is on assisting the elderly and disabled. C’Josette then became the company's supervisor and Care Coordinator and currently serves in that role today. She always kept her personal goals in mind so she continued her passion in radio, television, hair and skin and enrolled in school. 

C’Josette graduated Magna Cum Laude with a certificate in Master Cosmetology, she also studied at  Trichology training Institute, Studied at the School of Glamology for Esthetician certification, and earned an Associates Degree in Business. With those tools, she was able to start her own hair and skin beauty line, “She Flawless by C'Josette ''. She also started a Podcast, “Conversations with C’Josette”, covering topics relevant to today’s society. She is also a published author with titles to include “Confessions of a Military Spouse”, and “I Am A Woman Empowered” anthology book. She is also the Visionary Author for “Voices of Veterans”, and “Live in Your Truth Anthologies''.

In December of 2018, she suffered a tragic loss of her only sister. This loss gave her  the strength to move forward and found a non-profit organization, “Suffered in Silence (S.I.S.)”, dedicated to helping and uplifting those in need. C’Josette knew that the name alone would send a very powerful message and resonate with a lot of people. She hoped it would encourage those who feel alone or helpless to speak up and speak out.  “Suffered in Silence (S.I.S.)” is an outreach program geared toward both men and women, military veterans, and active duty/enlisted members who may be experiencing mental health Issues or domestic violence issues and are afraid to speak up  and seek help.

C’Josette passion to help those in need does not stop with her non-profit. She has volunteered with many organizations for countless hours. She enjoys volunteering for “Autism Speaks”, participating in the annual Breast Cancer walks, and even dedicating time to the elderly at assisted living facilities. Her giving heart allows her to impact many people and communities across her home state and others across the nation. 

C’Josette has 3 children all of adult age, and she is married.  Her passion to lead and create new projects, as well as the desire and integrity to help and guide people, has allowed her to continue to fight not only for herself, but for those who want and need help because they may fear being judged.

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