How long have you been in the industry? *

We have been in the music industry for 8 years.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? *

Collectively we started getting into a new hobby which is skating. It’s something we have invested ourselves into by buying new skates and learning tricks. Each of us also gets into our own kind of fun. A-Ni loves to cosplay, Kena is into gaming and Mimi loves all things beauty.

What kind of impact do you plan to have?*

We plan to be a light in this industry along with us bringing back girl groups. We desire to inspire and spread our positive energy and personalities through our music. Lastly, being a boss!

What do you like about the industry most? *

We love connecting with fans while performing and the creation of the music/ visuals. It’s an industry with no limitation so we get to use our brand, we establish to open more doors.

What do you dislike about the industry most? *

We dislike the demand of social media and the expectation to always be perfect. People don’t value the art as much as and tend to not be genuine.

How would you say the industry has changed since you started? *

The industry has changed to where you are able to reach more people and connect through social media. Which grants us more opportunities we might not have been able to secure unless we already had connections. And artists are more independent and willing to educate themselves through the process of being in this industry.

How has your personal life changed since you started?*

We definitely have less free time than we did initially. Our days have been booked and busy. So it’s more difficult to have time to spend with friends and family. But we still try to make it work with our schedules.

What's something a lot of people don't know about you? *

Something fun people don’t know about us is that we like to stay active by playing sports or we do leisure activities like watching reality shows, watching k-dramas, or playing video games.

In what ways has your family had to adapt to your lifestyle? *

Our family had to adapt to new unpredictable schedules. Along with getting into social media and traveling long distances across the world.

What/who were some of your influences coming up?*

During our journey of becoming a girl group our initial main influences were Mindless Behavior, TLC, Michael Jackson, and Aaliyah.

Who is your biggest supporter? *

Our parents are our biggest supporters. They literally sacrifice everything for us to be in the position we are today. And they continue to encourage us and remind us how much of an impact we have on people's lives.

What's some of the best qualities you think you should have to be successful in this industry? *

The best qualities to have are determination, consistency, confidence, and self love to be in this industry.

Do you have any advice for any upcoming brands or influencers?*

Learn the business behind any field you go into. Have an understanding of what your band represents. Finally work hard and have fun with what you’re doing.

What is your long term objective in this industry? *

Our objective is to leave a mark on this world. And redirect the stereotypes for girl groups while showing our family relationships.

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